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    E2 & IPTV ciefpsettings 02.03.2016

    Thanks for new settings.
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    Raspberry PI

    Anything you can compare with previous hardware performance. It could be plex client, why not.
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    Wetek Play

    Thanks for breath review KEY. I'm testing MEMOBOX MXQ Android TV Box Quad Core Amlogic S805 1G RAM 8G ROM Smart TV Box KODI XBMC full loaded Airplay ADD-ONS Pre-install, looks nice with WIFI and Android OS but unfortunately no support, take it as it is, buggy too. If I use LAN cable it has no IP...
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    PINE 64

    It looks KODI enabled too so far.
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    Raspberry PI

    :-) Any experience with RPI3 ?
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    PINE 64 competitor to RPI3

    It looks promising - it looks cheaper - it looks similar to RPI3 hardware - it is compatible with RPI data conector PINE64 is an open source platform from both hardware to software. It’s a versatile single board computer capable of running today’s most advanced 64 bit version of Android and...
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    My Hardware

    Wow RPI3 with WIFI and Bluetooth HDMI, LAN etc... Let me know how much faster it is comparing to RPI2 and the Bluetooth and WIFI build in performance. It is just 5 or 6 USD more than RPI2 and I have read that the speed performance is 50% faster comparing RPI2 that is fast enough. The very first...
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    TV Home Gateway

    Recently I was looking for some cheaper IPTV home gateway you can use outside of your home network or share the content with your friends. The revolutionary Android Home Gateway with an integrated chipset Orly STiH412 SoC by the STMicrosystems enables streaming and transcoding 4 channels in...
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    DIY BROADCAST : How to build your own Internet TV Channel with Open-Source & other goodies

    For easy startup use Flash Media Live Encoder and Adobe Flash Media Server. It is free. As Adob says: Cross-platform support Take advantage of expanded support in Flash Media Live Encoder — now available on both PC and Mac platform. or you can use some opensource...
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    Usefull Sources for KODI

    Nice, I have to try it too.
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    Ferrari Addon Manager 5.10 for both DM and VU OE 1.6 and OE 2.0

    :) sure, IP scanner on server side, not inside the IPK. The GUY providing the server space and running "copied FORUM" - where do you think is his "EMPLOYER" and why is someone giving him money for? You may think something of geek guy - well not this one, not that case... just a little warning.
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    E2 & IPTV ciefpsettings 16.02.2016

    I have closed the most of setting w/o contributions
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    Ferrari Addon Manager 5.10 for both DM and VU OE 1.6 and OE 2.0

    FAM 5.2 use with causion - IP scanner warning
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    Ferrari Addon Manager 5.10 for both DM and VU OE 1.6 and OE 2.0

    All latest FAM 5.1 include VU
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    E2 & IPTV ciefpsettings 16.02.2016

    Many thanks for fresh settings!