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    DM800HD (sim ferrari SSL78F) no dolby digital audio

    Hi can someone give me a hint about what image / hw-driver/ SSL use to fix no audio on ac3 channels ? Neither on Toslink (optical) , streaming over http to kodi or activating downmix and analog audio output (rca plugs) AAC and mp2 audio works fine. I am using Newnigma2-Release-2011-01-22 with...
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    O/S and software

    Small scale Free alternative : Old Notebook with internal sata HDD + USB external sata2usb HDD and FreeNas software. Result : Redundant array , PLEX , DLNA , UPNP , FTP , Transmission Torrent , Samba and unix shares.
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    TV Home Gateway

    Forgot to mention some software alternatives to use with different sources as stream server, DVB-Link (windows) vTuner (linux) DVBlast (linux/from VLC creators)
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    TV Home Gateway

    This kind of hardware really simplify the setup of your media streamer, I have made mine using a lot of expensive devices .. Sources: HDHomeRun ( ATSC/DVB-C ) (LAN/UDP OUTPUT) VU+ ( DVB/S2 & DVB/T ) (LAN/TCP OUTPUT) Tiernan TDR6 (ASI OUTPUT) DVB Master FD PCI CARD (ASI OUTPUT) Modulator...