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    Wetek Play

    So far so good! i had a crash when i was installing some add-ons (piracy ones) but other than that is good! I just spent the entire Sunday watching movies with the misses with an external hard drive with no problem at all. I will try to watch TV with it this week and give you feedback. Cheers
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    Wetek Play

    Well i understand what you are saying, but indeed a year is a long time in a technology. my brother has one for almost half a year and found only 1 setback which the support fixed promptly. He bought one for me cause i liked it when i went to his house. The Kodi runs much better than run on my...
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    Wetek Play

    Can i ask what problems you encountered with wetek play? cause me brother just gifted me one, and I've been using it for a few days now, and found no issues so far. just asking so i can prevent it from happening to me
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    Usefull Sources for KODI

    to help out some noobs like me! could you please make some definition for them? like this repository is based on sports, and this one for movies. cause for me, they are all the same :(