DM8000 Power Supply

Well this forum is very different since i last visited ages ago!
Not sure if this is still the place to ask, but...
Where can i buy a new Power Supply for my Clone DM8000?
Brought from Primusat ages ago!



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well I am still here, Primusat closed about 3 years ago, I would try Johnnys forum m8, if not replace he may repair, other than that you could buy a genuine PSU.
His forum is


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Yes they are difficult to get nowadays.
The DM8000HD psu are becoming less available.
I myself have no longer new clone psu's, only a few used repaired psu's.
Thanks for your offer but i'm back up n running again.

The 4 caps tucked under the heat sink were discoloured and bulging, so i ordered up some 125 °C ones and replaced them.
Then i decided i might as well replace every other electrolytic cap on the board as i already had these in stock at work. Many of which i managed to replace with a slightly higher voltage cap.

I tested the 2x SM transistors Q200 and its neighbour, and these were ok. (mine are labelled as Y1 devices).

The box fired up instantly. Where i used to have to wait 10+ seconds to get the bootloader screen.
Hard drive and fans running again :)


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Firstly well done for a great job - Primusat customers were always the best lol :) and also thank you very much for coming back and posting your success .
Many thanks