DM800HD (sim ferrari SSL78F) no dolby digital audio

Hi can someone give me a hint about what image / hw-driver/ SSL use to fix no audio on ac3 channels ?
Neither on Toslink (optical) , streaming over http to kodi or activating downmix and analog audio output (rca plugs)
AAC and mp2 audio works fine.

I am using Newnigma2-Release-2011-01-22 with Sim ferrari and SSL78F

Kernel 2.6.18-7.4-dm800 (newnigma2@vs35) Jan 15 - 2011
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The Ferrari sim card is old, there are newer sim cards to use updated software but if you still want to go further with this card than I advice you to use the last boot loader DM800-SSL88F.nfi and the image file which is suitable for this boot loader for example Ferrari-SSL88F-OpenPli

Nevertheless, be aware that upgrading the box may give (startup) issues, not always but could be.