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Hi Linlin

seems on a good way...sur i m glad to hear that ...from tonight i m on holiday for 2 weeks keep in touch
talk to you soon
Hello m8, how are you doing? Well a lot has changed regarding support of the new receiver, After I'm sure we can run it with fluent support I go for it. Right now the status of fluent support is near and approaching. We can make it and sell it but w/o regular support it has no future. So keep you update.

Thanks ...great news i didt hear about the project a told maybe you are not more intersting to make it true ......
It's good to know you are better and going for short holidays to French Alps, I plan to start my receiver in short time in a small quantity only.

Have you received the dm800,
I send to you , 2 weeks ago now

contact me please

Sorry, because of my limited personal time, no chat options, just contact via this forum and or pm.
i have DM8000 if your looking for, as one of the owners of the foru you know u get backup, what sort of price you been offered and I tell you if I can do it, I based in Norwich